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The History of Adamar Enterprises

Adamar Enterprises Ltd. has been providing occupational health services since 1993. The business began thanks to an opportunity that presented itself to entrepreneur and president Marie Bailey, RN, COHNC, as a result of major oil and gas corporation's right-sizing and downsizing. With a 29-year history as a health and safety advisor, as well as an occupational health advisor in the oil and gas industry, Ms. Bailey had an integral understanding of what safety means to the industrial businesses of the area. Whether you’re a small or large corporation, Adamar Enterprises has a team of certified employees trained to provide professional, confidential and personalized services to suit your business’ particular health and safety assessment needs.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Our Services

Isn't drug and alcohol testing against my human rights?

No, they are not against your human rights. Your employer has the right to test you for alcohol or drugs; however, they are not allowed to discriminate against people with disabilities. Generally, testing is done in safety-sensitive positions where your fitness to work ensures the safety and well-being of yourself, your fellow employees, the public and the environment. In some cases, employers will accommodate employees who test positive for drugs or alcohol depending on the situation.

I use marijuana only occasionally. How long does it stay in your body?

There are many factors such as how much do you smoke, how often do you smoke, the strength of the marijuana, your personal body metabolism or exposure to second hand smoke. For example, if you smoke a marijuana joint, the THC (a chemical) will stay in your body for approximately 30 days. A drug test could detect the THC for a period of 1-10 days with an average of 3-5 days. Using marijuana more than 3 times per week is considered heavy use. The level of THC in the body does not have a chance to go down and, in fact, is constantly rising. Daily use of marijuana smoking would require one to two years of abstinence for the THC to leave the system completely. THC can be detected from 4-6 weeks after stopping use.

I don't want them to know about my medical condition. What if a prescription drug which I use quite regularly shows up in my drug test?

All inconclusive test results are reviewed by the MRO, who will contact you, the donor, as required. The MRO will investigate the use of the prescription drug and if the use is medically justified and indicated, the MRO will report the test results as Negative to the DER. The MRO will not disclose any of the information of the contents of his/her conversation with the donor.

What I do on my own time is nobody’s business. Do they really have the right to make me take this test?

What you do on your time off is your own business. However, it is the expectation of your employer to have you come to work Fit for Duty, which includes not having any substance (alcohol or drugs) in your system above the established standard. You have the right to make choices for yourself, but you must also be aware of the consequences for not meeting the required standards.

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